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DaLite 88159F
Advantage Deluxe Electrol 65? x 116? (133? Diagonal) 16:9 Matte White Fabric, Roller and Motor Assembly
2–5 day lead time
Retail: $3204.00

Designed to eliminate the extra step of finishing the screen with trim, the Advantage line of projection screens is designed with ceiling trim already in place. Once the screen is installed, the screen’s trim conceals the rough opening eliminating the need to complete additional trim work. Sliding installation brackets make it easy to attach the screen housing to the structure above the drop ceiling. All Deluxe screens feature a closure door that hides the open space and screen in the ceiling, providing a cleaner aesthetic. The Advantage® Deluxe Electrol® screen features simple in ceiling installation that can be done in two stages. The screen case can be installed during the rough-in construction stage and the fabric assembly can be completed during the finishing stage. The Advantage Deluxe Electrol does not include the Tensioning Cable System. See the Tensioned Advantage Electrol Deluxe to ensure an even lateral tension.

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