Request RA

Request Return Authorization

  • Advanced replacement is mandatory for the same or better product.
  • Advanced replacement item will be shipped prior to Ui Supplies taking back the defective unit.
  • Initial defects will be taken back within the first thirty (30) days of purchase.
    • Service is required after thirty (30) days.
    • Does not apply to Samsung nor Ubiquiti brand items. Contact your sales rep for more information.
  • All accessories & owner’s manuals must be in the original box upon return.
    • Partial or no credit will be given unless this requirement is met.
  • Any “open box” return items may be subject to a Restocking Fee.

Please complete the entire form below. You should receive the return authorization via e-mail within three business days.
If the returned item has been opened, it will be subject to a restocking fee.

Serial Number*
Date of Purchase*
Dealer Invoice Number*
MFG Call Number (if applicable)*
Please provide as much detail as possible. Your return cannot be processed without fully understanding the reason for return.
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